He is a general practitioner who's been in business for 10 years. He and his colleagues run a growing practice.

Screening for behavioral health issues is challenging

Dr. John sees dozens of patients a day — hundreds per week. He knows that some of his patients have behavioral health and substance use issues, but in the past he's had no way of reliably screening for these issues. He's used the PHQ-9, but finds it misses many conditions his patients experience.

Physicians with Vision can help!

Recently, Dr. John started using the Physicians with Vision Platform which offers one of the most widely used and comprehensive behavioral health screening tools in the world to screen his patients for issues related to behavioral health and substance use. It fits in perfectly with his workflow.

Here's how it works with a patient named Sally who's come to the office with complaints of recurring headaches...

A screening tool that’s easy to use

When Sally checks in, she's provided with simple instructions and a tablet for conducting a behavioral health screening. In the office or via telehealth using her own device, Sally can easily and privately complete the secure online screening in about 5 minutes or less.

Via Telehealth

Results in just 5 minutes

Once Sally is done, Dr. John's staff receives the results digitally, indicating that she's qualified to take a more in-depth behavioral health interview that helps Dr. John and his team to diagnose her issues with accuracy.

In-depth interview in just 15 minutes

Based on the results, Dr. John will schedule a follow-up appointment and interview if needed to further diagnose Sally’s behavioral health status. Similar to the screening, the in-depth interview is administered with a tablet (or via telehealth or through a link on the patient's own phone or computer), and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Again, the results are available for Dr. John to review digitally within minutes.

Detailed diagnostic information

The detailed interview gives Dr. John a wealth of information about Sally's condition, and he's able to thoroughly review the results before Sally's next appointment.


  • Behavioral Health Issues in adults and children to ensure proper diagnosis, referrals and interventions.
  • Substance Use Disorders to identify problems with alcohol, common drugs, and opioid usage.

Well informed conversations and follow-ups

Based on the interview results, Dr. John is able to have a well-informed conversation with Sally and decide if his practice can administer treatment or if her condition requires the attention of a behavioral health specialist.
If needed, Dr. John can select from a built-in network of qualified behavioral health professionals available through Physicians with Vision that he can utilize as a referral resource for Sally.

Reliable tracking

Because Dr. John’s practice is administering treatment, he’s able to use the built-in tracker scales in the the Physicians with Vision Platform to monitor changes in Sally's status between visits.

Financial benefits

Even though Dr. John's primary concern is his patient's health, his practice's financial health also gets a boost by using Physicians with Vision. Because the screenings and interviews are reimbursable, this nets his practice about another…
$15,000per month

Addressing healthcare’s Triple Aim

Physicians with Vision is another tool that's helping Dr. John address healthcare's triple aim:


Providing integrated care to address physical health and behavioral health issues provides physicians the ability to effectively treat conditions that may be hidden beneath the surface.


Truly integrated care and the ability
to confidently address comorbidities can powerfully improve overall outcomes for individual patients and entire populations.


Lowering overall costs while simultaneously increasing revenue through reimbursements creates a strong and sustainable financial impact for both practitioners and the community.

To see if Physicians with Vision could work in your practice, contact us today to set up a demo and see it in action.

Most healthcare practices are not fully equipped to deal with behavioral health issues. The Physicians with Vision Platform helps physicians address behavioral health and substance use issues — both in-office and remotely — which leads to better care, improved outcomes, and a stronger bottom line.

See how the Physicians with Vision platform can help your practice.

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