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Physicians with Vision empowers practitioners to meet quality care guidelines for behavioral health conditions, effectively manage costs, and be reimbursed for their time and expense. This gives practitioners the confidence to deliver integrated care, knowing they are following established standards of care and treatment protocols.

Why Physicians with Vision — and Why now?

The statistics in the U.S. are staggering:

1 in 5

adults experience a diagnosable behavioral health issue each year.

1 in 8

emergency department visits are related to behavioral health or substance use.

11 years

is the average time from the onset of symptoms to getting treatment.
Less Than


of adults with a behavioral health condition receive treatment in a given year.


A June 2020 survey found 37% of US adults report symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, up from 11% in 2019.

Most Behavioral Health Care is Delivered by Primary Care Physicians

Because today’s practitioners are seeing more and more patients with behavioral health issues, they must have a way to efficiently and accurately screen, diagnose, and assess behavioral health issues. However…

  • Practices lack access to tools to comprehensively screen
    for behavioral disorders.

  • Without access to effective tools, misdiagnosis rates for
    some conditions are 65% or higher.

  • Tracking outcomes and coordinating care is challenging.

  • Billing for these services is time-consuming and burdensome.

…most behavioral health is actually delivered by primary care physicians. We need to figure out how to deliver behavioral health resources in the primary care setting.

Dr. Scott A. Monteith, MD
Past President, Michigan Psychiatric Society


Learn how the Physicians with Vision Platform is the most accessible, easy-to-use, and effective tool for screening, diagnosing, and monitoring patients' behavioral health.

Screenings and Interviews

A Screening Tool That’s Easy to Use

When a patient checks in for an appointment, they’re provided with simple instructions and a tablet for conducting a behavioral health screening. In a telehealth encounter, a medical assistant can conduct the interview online. You can even send patients a secure link to complete the initial screening before their appointment.

Results in Just Seconds

Once the screening is done, the results are sent digitally within minutes so the practitioner can review the results with the patient

In-Depth, Insightful Interview

If indicated, an in-depth interview can be conducted in just 15 minutes during a subsequent visit using the tablet or with a link sent directly to the patient. Results are available within moments for the practitioner to review and develop an appropriate care plan with the patient or refer to a behavioral health specialist.

Diagnosis and Care

Detailed Diagnostic Information

The detailed interview provides a wealth of information about the patient’s condition, a critical element in developing an effective care plan.

Well-Informed Conversations and Follow-Ups

Because Physicians with Vision provides a full report, it’s easy to have a well-informed conversation with each patient based on their needs.

Fact-Based Referrals

Referrals for treatment and ongoing care are based on reliable information — which can be provided to other care team members in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

Reporting & Follow-up

Easily Accessible Reports

Reports can be securely accessed by authorized care providers.

Reliable Tracking

Tracker scales in the Physicians with Vision Platform can be used to monitor changes in a patient’s status between visits.

Easy to Use

Cloud-Based Delivery Platform

The cloud-based delivery platform is accessible through a browser on any standard laptop, tablet, or mobile device — no investment in new hardware, software, or systems.

Simple Licensing, Unlimited Access

With a simple licensing structure, Physicians with Vision provides practices with unlimited access to screening tools for integrated health services today.

Customizable Workflows That Fit Your Practice

Regardless of your workflow — in-office or remote — PWV will fit seamlessly with how you interact with your patients.

Works alongside existing systems


Physicians with Vision works seamlessly with your existing telehealth platform.

Works with EHR and Billing Systems

PWV provides an easy means of getting reports and billing information into existing EHR systems.

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Most healthcare practices are not fully equipped to deal with behavioral health issues. The Physicians with Vision Platform helps physicians address behavioral health and substance use issues — both in-office and remotely — which leads to better care, improved outcomes, and a stronger bottom line.

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