Integrated Healthcare is Now a Reality

The Physicians with Vision Platform gives small and medium-sized independent practices the ability to implement a truly integrated healthcare solution within their practices with a set of tools to confidently address physical health, behavioral health, and substance use issues both in the office and remotely.

“Screening for mental illness is not new to family medicine but has more recently been linked to quality metrics and payment. Screening in a busy practice can seem overwhelming, but practices can leverage technology, empower staff, and utilize wellness visits to complete this screening.”

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A Practical Way to Address Healthcare’s Triple Aim

Physicians with Vision provides healthcare practices with a set of tools for Behavioral Health Diagnosis and Substance Use Assessment — delivering on the promise of the Triple Aim to improve the patient care experience, improve health outcomes, and strengthen the bottom line.


Providing integrated care to address physical health and behavioral health issues provides physicians the ability to effectively identify and treat conditions that may be hidden beneath the surface.


Truly integrated care and the ability
to confidently address comorbidities can powerfully improve overall outcomes for individual patients and entire populations.


Lowering overall costs while simultaneously increasing revenue through reimbursements creates a strong and sustainable financial impact for both practitioners and the community.

Physicians with Vision:


The Physicians with Vision cloud-based platform provides secure access to two powerful and practical solutions that health providers are putting into use every day. These include:

Health Diagnosis

The behavioral health tool screens and assesses for DSM-5 behavioral issues in adults and children (including suicidality and homicidality) to ensure proper diagnosis, referrals, interventions.

Substance Use
Disorder Screening

The substance use disorder screening is structured to identify problems with alcohol, common drugs, and opiate usage to ensure proper diagnosis, referrals, interventions and documentation.

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Most healthcare practices are not fully equipped to deal with behavioral health issues. The Physicians with Vision Platform helps physicians address behavioral health and substance use issues — both in-office and remotely — which leads to better care, improved outcomes, and a stronger bottom line.

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